Question: cold brew tea makes me sick?

by Iced Coffee on January 19, 2012

Hey there guys! I want to ask you peeps about Cold Brewed Iced Tea – cold brew tea makes me sick? What is diffferent about cold brew ice tea vs conventional brewed tea. When I drink cold brewed ice tea, I feel a little sick at my stomach. Anyone know why this may be?

I asked a friend of mine and here’s what she told me:

Don’t drink it!

Please, if you also know something about my Cold Brewed Iced Tea question, leave a comment below.

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Bearbones rises again QMM January 19, 2012 at 9:21 pm

It could be the extra tannins from the longer and stronger brew process for cold tea. The longer tea brews, the more tannins get released.

Tannins are very astringent, and can cause bad reactions to some people.


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